Moderator Script: UX phone interview

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

When preparing to conduct a remote UX study, we all know there’s a lot of planning that needs to take place before actually speaking with a participant. Here, we provide and example of a Moderator script template that can be used when conducting remote UX sessions with participants. The importance of having a thoroughly thought out script or guideline at the least is to keep the overall experience between moderator and participant running as smoothly as possible. If we as researchers aren’t prepared before launching a study, things could get quite awkward when speaking with a participant and the whole study could be undermined and/or not taken seriously by all parties as a result.

The template we’ve provided is one that we’ve used many, many times for participants who were recruited by using ethnio. It begins with the moderator’s introduction over the phone, explaining to the partipant how the study will play out as well as  describing the roles of each person involved in the interview. It then assists you in walking the participant through the setup of a GoToMeeting conference, provides examples of questions to ask and concludes with the uninstalling of the plug-in. A polite and genuine ‘Thank you,’ along with instruction on how he or she will receive their much deserved incentive concludes the session.

Depending on the third party site you use for the study session- your instructions to setup the additional research tool (GoToMeeting in our case) will differ. Also, as we’re sure you already know- the questions we have provided is to be used as a template and should be nicely reworded to fully benefit the outcomes you and your team are looking to achieve.


Have any suggestions, objections, or anything of the like about how you would use this template?