Lookback – Mobile
This new Lookback iOS app looks pretty slick but requires you to put code in your iOS app in order to use it. So if your developers are willing, which seems like a more common trend, you can try it out.  It lets you record screen, webcam, and taps while running in the background of your own […] Read more – ‘Lookback – Mobile’.
Holy Shit WebRTC Hits Mobile
For any fellow remote mobile research nerds, this is huge news. The upcoming spec for WebRTC that allows peer-to-peer video and eventually screen-sharing is working on Android and iOS in development versions of FireFox. What this means is that in the near future apps like, ahem, ethnio, will be able to easily allow for webcam […] Read more – ‘Holy Shit WebRTC Hits Mobile’.
A Practical Guide: How to Interview and Observe Customers Remotely
Attempting to gather customer feedback remotely can be scary (Halloween is over, I know). Thankfully, there are many tools out there that make remote user experience research simple and less intimidating to both the company looking for feedback and the customers giving the feedback. These tools can be found on the Tools section of RemoteResear.ch. Today […] Read more – ‘A Practical Guide: How to Interview and Observe Customers Remotely’.
Woah! Remote Usability Recording on iOS Devices. With an SDK.
The long-awaited remote recording of app interactions on iOS devices may be getting closer. A Y Combinator(?) company, delight.io (site’s down as of Apr 30th), released this video which shows a recording using their SDK. Now it’s important to explain what this means is that you have to build their SDK into your app to […] Read more – ‘Woah! Remote Usability Recording on iOS Devices. With an SDK.’.
Tablet remote usability testing at Mozilla
Our friend Diane Loviglio over at Mozilla posted this pretty helpful guide to how they test tablets over there. They offer up some cool variations on the hugging technique that MailChimp uses, so check out the full article over on Mozilla’s blog.   Read more – ‘Tablet remote usability testing at Mozilla’.
Mobile Remote Screen-Sharing with Reflector
There is a new app called Reflector that lets you easily mirror from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac desktop, which you can then share remotely in real-time. That’s a big deal because 1) it’s fast and reliable 2) it’s wireless, and 3) you can screen share a mobile device remotely. Using this in conjunction […] Read more – ‘Mobile Remote Screen-Sharing with Reflector’.
Why AirPlay Mirroring is the Biggest Thing to Happen to User Research in 2011
The problem with doing any mobile device observation is there is no way to see what’s on-screen without an awkward camera or physically looking at the device’s screen. That sucks because there is usually a participant who is right there trying to use their phone or device. And it also means they can’t walk around […] Read more – ‘Why AirPlay Mirroring is the Biggest Thing to Happen to User Research in 2011’.
Laptop Hugging
And here we have it – the basic state of remote research on mobile devices in 2011 2012 2013 2014. That state is pointing webcams at cell phones – and it totally works. The cool part about this delightful post by Jenn Downs at Mailchimp is that they have users hug their laptop, which is […] Read more – ‘Laptop Hugging’.
iPad & iPhone Remote Research
For the most part, there is no way to screen share from a stock iPhone, iPad, or Android phone for that matter. You would have to Jail Break an iPhone to get it to do screen sharing or screen recording, and for us lowly researchers, that is not typically a viable option. The same is […] Read more – ‘iPad & iPhone Remote Research’.