Remote Research Tools in London
If you’re in London this month, the folks at The Research Thing are putting on a Meetup to discuss remote research tools sponsored by WhatUsersDo. Here’s the description and lineup: Read more – ‘Remote Research Tools in London’.
UX Days Tokyo Research Workshop
Thanks for everyone who came to UX Days Tokyo this year. Below are all the materials from the talk and workshop, and you can always email me with any questions whatsoever. Workshop Binder (PDF) The Workshop Slides (PDF) Links to Tools The Truth About UX Research Talk Slides (PDF) Research Presentation Template (Keynote 6.5) Requires these fonts (ChunkFive is free and […] Read more – ‘UX Days Tokyo Research Workshop’.
Class: How to run your own DIY usability tests with Loop11 and usertesting.com
Looks like a cool online class for using usertesting.com and Loop11 by Eddie James who is located in Orlando but of course that doesn’t matter. Class is free and really what the heck might as well. Check out the info on Meetup.com. Read more – ‘Class: How to run your own DIY usability tests with Loop11 and usertesting.com’.
Webvisions Barcelona
Holy crap Barcelona is a beautiful city. Excited to be here for Webvisions Barcelona. For attendees and any random folks stumbling on this post somehow, here are both the slides and Remote Research workshop binder. If you’re taking the workshop, the binder is especially important. The Workshop Binder (all excercises) (300kb PDF) Slides from the whole […] Read more – ‘Webvisions Barcelona’.
UX Lisbon 2012 Workshop
Excited to be at the impeccably planned UX Lisbon, and for the attendees and any random folks stumbling on this post somehow, here are both the slides and workshop binder. If you’re taking the workshop, the binder is especially important. The Workshop Binder (all excercises) (300kb PDF) Slides from the whole workshop (Speakerdeck) Read more – ‘UX Lisbon 2012 Workshop’.
Irvine, California Remote Testing Meetup April 24th
On Tuesday, April 24th, there is a free meetup by the Orange County User Experience group called “Remote Testing Methods, Tools & Best Practices.” It’s put on by a number of different folks, some of whom make UserZoom. Like with any of these talks, including our own, it’s always a good idea to keep in […] Read more – ‘Irvine, California Remote Testing Meetup April 24th’.
IA Summit ’12 Workshop
Thanks to everyone who is attending my workshop at the Information Architecture Summit in New Orleans. You’ll want to do two things as an attendee: 1. Download the binder with excercises 2. Reference the slides (below) if you like     Read more – ‘IA Summit ’12 Workshop’.
Time Aware Research at DRC
My slides from the Design Research Conference in Chicago 2011 Read more – ‘Time Aware Research at DRC’.
IA Summit ’11
Back in April, I had a wonderful time giving a talk in Denver at the IA Summit on unmoderated remote usability testing. The feedback on twitter about the talk was great and I thank everyone for your kind tweets. Here are the slides: Collaging: Getting Answers to the Questions You Don’t Know to Ask View […] Read more – ‘IA Summit ’11’.
Had a blast in Portland at the Webvisions conference. Great audience, fun crowd, and a huge thank you for all the incredibly nice tweets about my talk .  Here are those slides. Feel free to ask questions @boltron. View more presentations from bolt peters Read more – ‘Webvisions’.
UX London Workshop!
Should be a fun one. First European workshop that Nate is putting on – at UX London Friday April 15th!. Will try and include a little more about general research ideas for folks without a lot of experience doing research, and some methods *other than* just usability. Your Exercise Packet in Word Doc or in Mac Pages […] Read more – ‘UX London Workshop!’.
Bristol Remote Usability Event!
Blam! http://bristolusability.ning.com/events/remote-testing-current Read more – ‘Bristol Remote Usability Event!’.
User Research Friday 2010
Here it comes on November 19th, 2010 in San Francisco. It’s the fourth annual and it’s gonna be SWEET. Urfriday.com Read more – ‘User Research Friday 2010’.
Slides from Nate’s IxDA & UPA & SVA Talks
Slides from Nate’s IxDA & UPA & SVA talks in Los Angeles and New York in May and June of 2010. Most of these won’t make any damn sense but more information is in the actual book here: http://bit.ly/ZlDoQ View more presentations from bolt peters. Read more – ‘Slides from Nate’s IxDA & UPA & SVA Talks’.
Remote Testing Tools UPA Slides
Michael Rawlins presented this at the CT UPA on March 4th: March Remote Testing Tools View more presentations from Michael Rawlins. Read more – ‘Remote Testing Tools UPA Slides’.
Remote Design Research at Interaction 10
Here are the slides from Nate Bolt’s talk on Remote Design Research at IxD 10 in Savannah, GA. Remote Research at IxD10 View more presentations from bolt peters. Read more – ‘Remote Design Research at Interaction 10’.
UXCampVancouver 2009
At next weekend’s UXCampVancouver, Elizabeth Snowden will be giving a talk on remote usability methods. Check it out if you’re in the area! Update: Sold out! Read more – ‘UXCampVancouver 2009’.
NEOUPA: Remote Usability Studies event
The Northeast Ohio Usability Professionals Association (NEOUPA) recently put on an event called “Remote usability studies: Get great results while saving time and money“. Quoth Jason Holmes of American Greetings, co-organizer of the event (along with Aaron Rosenberg): The NEOUPA event was great.  Lots of interest, lots of enthusiasm.  We had about 45 people there, […] Read more – ‘NEOUPA: Remote Usability Studies event’.
UX Brighton Round-up
Last week’s UX Brighton event, “Remote Research: a 360-degree View“, covered all sorts of fun remote user research tools and companies, including Webnographer (automated tool), Pidoco (wireframe testing), Flow (agency), and Ethnolabs (automated cross-platform data aggregation). Here are the best write-ups: Steve Bromley: In the heated Q&A session after, it was discussed at length that […] Read more – ‘UX Brighton Round-up’.
Escape The Lab – Aug. 26
Want to learn remote research? Bolt | Peters is hosting a one-day workshop on August 26th, and you’re invited. Give us a day and we can teach you all the rocket surgery you need to conduct qualitative studies the real-time, native environment way. Date: Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 Time: 9am – 4:30pm. Sign-in starts at […] Read more – ‘Escape The Lab – Aug. 26’.