Moderator Script: UX phone interview
When preparing to conduct a remote UX study, we all know there’s a lot of planning that needs to take place before actually speaking with a participant. Here, we provide and example of a Moderator script template that can be used when conducting remote UX sessions with participants. The importance of having a thoroughly thought […] Read more – ‘Moderator Script: UX phone interview’.
Goals and Objectives
Communication between client and researcher and/or designer is extremely important for any remote or in-person research project. This “Kick-off Agenda” as we call it, is a simple layout that touches on certain aspects of initial communication and understanding that is key to the launching point of a project. Specifically, the Goals & Objectives section is […] Read more – ‘Goals and Objectives’.
Online Consent
If you’re doing any kind of user research, you’ve at least thought about getting official consent from your participants. Perhaps you’ve got a signed piece of paper or verbal consent to record sessions, or maybe you have a team of lawyers following you around with actual carbon copies in triplicate. Either way you need consent […] Read more – ‘Online Consent’.
Remote Facilitator Guide
This is the latest Bolt | Peters facilitator guide (AKA Moderator Script. Whatever) template. Janice Bradford was nice enough to read our book and reminded us that we promise templates on this site. Well here we go. The full text is below and if you want a nicely formatted word doc you can download that […] Read more – ‘Remote Facilitator Guide’.