Sample Recruiting Forms

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

There are many ways to recruit participants for a remote research study from your website. (If you’re already confused, see this post for an introduction to live recruiting.)

First and foremost, there’s our web app Ethnio, which is built specifically for the purpose. It uses a DHTML layer to display a pop-up recruiting form right on top of your webpage, so it’s unlikely that visitors will miss it. (Here’s an example.) All you need to do to install it is place a single line of Javascript in the code of your website.

Another option is to embed a form somewhere on your website that users can fill out to opt-in to your study. Here are a few examples of form tools you can use: the first one uses the Forms functionality in Google Docs, and the second is a standard Wufoo form.

Google Docs form:

The responses for a Google Docs form are loaded into a Google Spreadsheet, like this. You can also link to page that contains only the form.

Wufoo form:

Wufoo forms are basically the same, loading its responses into an online table (login required). As with Google forms, you can link to page that contains only the form.