Brand = Experience

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

We love the recent article, “UX: The New Brand Leaders” on JohnnyHolland by Andrew Heaton. It’s true that brands are more and more influenced by the experience users feel when using a product or service. The success of companies or products no longer are dependent solely on the direct outcomes of using a product or service. Not to say that anyone wants to put out a poor product or shitty service- however the actual outcome of a service or product can be equally important as the way someone feels when using such product or service. The experience overall is such a large factor now more than ever when it comes to brands and brand loyalty. UX teams are the leaders who are in charge of making the experience for users a delightful, trusting, and empowering one.


Heaton emphasizes the importance of collaboration, with UX leading the way. Advertising, marketing, and sales (among others)  are all integral pieces of the puzzle that is a thriving brand. But UX researchers and designers are the ones to balance the complexities of analytics, design, interaction, and movement. They are the ones to put all the pieces together in a beautiful way that will allow users to fall in love with a brand, or at least take it on a first date. UX is largely what drives a brand’s success.


Thanks for bringing this topic to light, Andrew. It was an enjoyable read!