UX Brighton Round-up

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Last week’s UX Brighton event, “Remote Research: a 360-degree View“, covered all sorts of fun remote user research tools and companies, including Webnographer (automated tool), Pidoco (wireframe testing), Flow (agency), and Ethnolabs (automated cross-platform data aggregation). Here are the best write-ups:

Steve Bromley:

In the heated Q&A session after, it was discussed at length that this should be used in conjunction, and not instead of face to face interviews, for it was agreed that remote usability studies cannot log or reproduce every element of a close personal study, you fail to see the emotions and reactions of the participant involved, and it’s harder to adapt the test to study interesting emerging behaviour variants.

Thomas Prior:

Altogether an interesting evening, and although I was expecting more of a knowledge share as apposed to product walk throughs, I will try to check out some of the more interesting applications such as Pidoco°.

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