UX Days Tokyo Research Workshop

by Nate Bolt. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

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Thanks for everyone who came to UX Days Tokyo this year. Below are all the materials from the talk and workshop, and you can always email me with any questions whatsoever.


Sample Goals & Objectives

# Business Goals / Thing The CEO Cares About

1. Increase conversion / revenue
2. Increase the number of users
3. Increase satisfaction
4. Increase ther service quality
5. Loyalty
# Research Goals
1. Can they find checkout?
2. Do they understand what kind of service it is / do they get it?
3. What makes someone want to call support?
4. What’s time-consuming?
5. What makes them want to buy our product(s)?
# Website / App Goals
1. Get 1,000 new signups
2. New redesign needs to be tested

# Target Audience (for research or for the app)
1. People interested in buying a leather bag
2. Couples who have a date planned within the next week
3. Parents of kids who use the app

# Metrics for success
1. Higher conversion rate
2. Better loyalty metrics / retention
3. More app downloads / better app store ranking
4. Larger readership
5. Number of products sold

# Special Wish for The Research (optional)
1. How do we get people to stop hating facebook?
2. What can we build that people will want to buy?
3. How do we build a web site that anyone can listen to?
# Internal audience for study results?
1. Engineers
2. Executives
3. Designers
4. Me
5. Planners