Remote Testing Tools Round-up by Liz Bacon

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Liz Bacon of Devise maintains a great list of remote usability testing tools on Google Docs; check em out!

(We’ll probably have something like this in the near future as well; for now, check out our Tools page!)

  • Love the Google Docs overview! UserTesting.com (I am affiliated with them) has added some new features since that was written in April, including:

    – Clients can now download, edit and embed usability testing videos
    – Clients can see users’ demographics and system information
    – Clients can embed comments in the videos (we have partnered with Viddler – this is an extremely powerful way for teams to flag and share interesting comments with other team members)

    FWIW, Website Magazine wrote up review some of the tools that Liz mentions as well: http://bit.ly/2RATxW