Remote Facilitator Guide

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: almost 6 minutes.

This is the latest Bolt | Peters facilitator guide (AKA Moderator Script. Whatever) template. Janice Bradford was nice enough to read our book and reminded us that we promise templates on this site. Well here we go. The full text is below and if you want a nicely formatted word doc you can download that here. Before you get started interviewing a remote participant, you’ll want to paste in the information for that person from the Ethnio screener or whatever recruiting method you used below:

Introduction & Setup (3 minutes)

Hi, this is ____ from ACME calling in regards to the survey you filled out at acme.com a few minutes ago . Do you have time now to participate in a 30 minute phone interview? Are you able to use your web browser and your phone at the same time? Great! One thing about the call today, is that we’re going to ask you to join an online meeting so we can follow along with your screen movements, just for the duration of this interview. Is that okay?

Overview and permission to record. Before we get started I would like to tell you a little bit about what we are doing today. We’re collecting feedback on acme.com. Basically, I’ll ask you some questions and then watch you use the web site. I’ll also record the session, with your permission. We’ll use the recording only for this study, and we won’t share or re-use this recording – ever. Is that okay?

This will take about 30 minutes.

Participant Setup

Once the user’s window appears, resize and start recording software Do you have your web browser handy? Okay when you’re ready I’m going to read you a short URL to type in your browser so we can get started, but do not type .com at the end. That’s the only thing you have to remember. Let me know when you’re ready? Great, it’s just bolt.ps. There’s no .com. So that’s just bolt like a lightning bolt, dot ps like in a letter.

Did that load for you? You should see something about Join a GoToMeeting. Leave ‘Enter as a Guest’ checked, and just put your first name in there- you don’t need to put an email address. Now Click the arrow at the upper right (next to the phone icon) to download the plug-in to share your screen.If there’s anything that you’d like to move around or hide because it’s confidential, go ahead and do that first. Whenever you’re ready to share everything that’s on your screen, let me know.

Once that’s downloaded and installed, click the big “Share My Screen” button. Select ‘share application’ or ‘share window’, NOT ‘share desktop’ [if there’s fancy flash /javascript on the site, there’s a bug that makes the session crash] Great, now I see your screen on my end! Be sure not to close this window, as it will end the screen sharing session.

Audio Setup

Now I see you in the GoToMeeting. Great. If you have a mic and speakers on your computer, we can switch to that for the interview, or if you’d prefer to use your phone, you should see an 800 number you can dial into. This will help us on the recording. Which would you like to do?
Free to speak your mind Your job is really easy, you just have to be yourself and act as you naturally would. I did not design these websites, I’m just collecting feedback. As you interact with the new site, please be honest with your positive and negative thoughts. Nothing you say will hurt my feelings.

Transition to background questions While that’s loading, I’m going to ask you a few quick background questions.

Explanation of Moderator and Participant Roles (2 min)

Next I’d like to have you use the new web site to do a couple of tasks.

There’s one thing that I would like you to do differently. Please “think aloud” as you use the web site today. For example, if you are reading something read it out loud and feel free to say anything that comes to your mind as you read – for example “that’s interesting” or “what in the world are they talking about?” Also, talk out loud while you’re doing a task, so I can understand what you are thinking and doing. (e.g.: “Now I’m going to try to use the search engine”) And, if you get to a point where you would naturally stop working, let me know.

I’ll let you decide your task is complete, whether you find what you are looking for or not. Just tell me when you’re finished. Also, keep in mind that this is a design in progress so not everything will be functional. Just let me know what results you expect to see. Do you have any questions before we continue? Okay, let’s go to the ______ website.

Time-Aware Tasks (10-15 minutes)

These are the tasks that the participant indicated they were doing when they filled out the ethnio intercept.
# Topic Moderator
1. Evaluate passionate tasks.
What were you doing when you filled out the survey for this phone interview? Go ahead and continue doing that, or walk me through how you were doing that…

As you do this, remember to say everything you’re doing out loud.

2. Debrief: How would you describe your experience? Probe, e.g.:
• What else do you need to know about _____?
3. asd Passionate Task 2

Predetermined Tasks (5 – 10 minutes)
Note: These tasks will be used only if participant does not cover an area in a passionate task.
# Topic Moderator
1. Do any of the questions not make sense?
2. Do the results meet users’ expectations

3. Do users understand?

Wrap-Up (5 minutes)

1. What are users’ reactions to the navigation? What do you think about navigating to that section of the site?

2. Summarize likes and dislikes.
Looking back on your experience with this design today, what did you like and dislike about it?

3. Verify Email and Incentive Timeline Well [participant name] that does it for us. Let me just verify the email address where you would like the Amazon Gift Certificate sent [verify email address] and then I’ll end the screen-sharing session. That plug-in that we installed will be automatically uninstalled after the session ends and it’ll send you a little message saying that the session is over.

The incentives usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive, and they’re good for about 6 months. If you don’t receive it 2 weeks from today, let me give this email and phone number you can use to contact us.
Email _____________
Phone _____________

Exit & De-Activate GoToMeeting (1 minute)

Now, you should see a red ‘exit’ button at the top right hand side of your screen. If you click on that, you’ll end the screen sharing, and completely disables the plug-in. We won’t ever be able to share with your screen anymore. Thank you very much for your time and for your great feedback!