Irvine, California Remote Testing Meetup April 24th

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

On Tuesday, April 24th, there is a free meetup by the Orange County User Experience group called “Remote Testing Methods, Tools & Best Practices.” It’s put on by a number of different folks, some of whom make UserZoom. Like with any of these talks, including our own, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind that (us) vendors ultimately would like it if people bought whatever thing they are selling, and that can potentially bias things. After comment-geddon on this post, I updated this to be friendlier. Happy remote testing to one and all.

  • “Just beware of any event put on by a vendor, since because they are a vendor, they ultimately probably would like you to buy their software.”

    You know, this comment is just funny, pretty sad disappointing as well. First of all, the event was put together by David Nguyen (http://www.davidnguyen.com/), who asked UserZoom’s Founder to come down and talk about Remote Testing Methods and Tools. Check your facts, will you? We agreed and clearly stated that we would not make this a sales pitch, but rather a general pitch to evangilize on the subject. In fact, in the presentation we also added Ethnio, Loop11 and many other vendors. We have no idea where you got this idea from, but we are definitely pretty disappointed to read it.

    It’s also funny, because Ethnio happens to be a tool owned by the very same owners of Remoteresear.ch, so you can’t help but wonder about the objectivity of your own evaluation on Ethnio (http://remoteresear.ch/tools/), giving your selves a 5-star rating. So there you go, guys, you can do whatever you want with this post, but we find it absolutely unacceptable and totally unprofessional. Everyone in the Remote Research market should be pushing for it for the benefit of all, and not playing these type of ‘games’…

  • Let us all champion together a truly neutral event devoid of any secret vendor motivation. You are absolutely right, people should stop and think, when reading this blog, are Bolt | Peters biased because they make Ethnio and are suspiciously obsessed with UX research? They should then think to themselves “yes, these Bolt | Peters are indeed biased, ” but it doesn’t mean there isn’t great OBSCURE info here, and likely at your event too! We just like to remind people of the machinery – we’re sure it’ll be a great event and we’re glad you’re doing it. Sorry to give you the idea it’s a criticism – just facts. We support any and all folks doing work in this nerdy arena. Power to all five dozen of us!

  • “but it doesn’t mean there isn’t great OBSCURE info here, and likely at your event too! ”
    So you’re just assuming this, and you even call it ‘OBSCURE’. Well, that may be how you see it. We call it thought leadership, and there is nothing wrong, as long as what you present is not biased. People can clearly tell when that’s the case. And if you show all the logos from other vendors in the market, there should be nothing OBSCURE about it. The way we think of it is, the more people are aware of the benefits of remote testing, the better for the market and YES, of course, us included. But there’s nothing wrong about that and to point it out like that on a post, is simply not right. 

    Imagine this in a post after your next talk: BEWARE, WORLD, of any Bolt Peters talk, as they’re probably trying to sell you their software Ethnio… 

    Just not necessary. 

    “Sorry to give you the idea it’s a criticism – just facts.” 

    Check your facts first, as David Nguyen (who has absolutely nothing to do with us) put this together and invited us to sponsor it too. What the heck are we supposed to do? 

  • David Nguyen

    I run the OCUX group and
    confirming that I invited UserZoom out to talk about Remote Testing as a
    general topic. Just because they are a vendor doesn’t mean they will do a sales
    pitch – just as if we invited an author to talk about a certain topic, they may
    not do a sales pitch on their own book. Of course there are times where they
    will and unfortunately it becomes a negative for people.


    One of our principles
    for the group is a No Sales Pitch Zone and prior to setting up the actual
    event, Alfonso has stated that the presentation will be on the topic of Remote
    Testing which he will also mention various tools that can be used.


    Hopefully others
    championing UX will invite yourself and other people be it vendors, authors,
    professionals, and students to speak at UX related events to further spread
    knowledge about this exciting field.

  • http://www.userzoom.com/resources-on-onlineremote-ux-research/webinars/remote-testing-webinar

    A webinar HOSTED by us, and yet intended to everyone interested in RUT, led By Bill Albert and including a bunch of different vendors. 

    We never saw this being posted on your site…

  • Crystal Ehrlich

    David, I am looking forward to the Remote Testing Methods, Tools & Best Practices Meetup on April 24th.  I’ve found great value in the hard work you do to organize events like these. See you there!!!

    Best, Crystal
    The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup
    Over 1,700 members

  • boltronic

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this. Let me just say this is probably the most people that have ever read a single post on here. This is a teeny tiny blog, so we don’t spend a lot of time on it, or have anyone else besides myself and maybe one person around to post things or check facts. So again sorry if we misunderstood who was organizing or speaking at the event! We wish all you guys well and I’m glad it’s a no-sales-pitch zone. I’ll edit the post to be much friendlier.

  • Good! Thanks.

  • Missed the opportunity.

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