Goals and Objectives

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Communication between client and researcher and/or designer is extremely important for any remote or in-person research project. This “Kick-off Agenda” as we call it, is a simple layout that touches on certain aspects of initial communication and understanding that is key to the launching point of a project. Specifically, the Goals & Objectives section is something that requires a good amount of focus in the early stages of a remote research project when working with clients.

Why do we care to cover each of these bullet points? The answer, our friend, is that everyone involved in the project understands each other. By going through these points with the client, it allows you to get an understanding of the their goals regarding why they are testing and what types of people (or personas) they’re looking to speak with. This also allows the client or whoever you’re working with- to gain an understanding of what type of work you do. At completion of this initial discussion about goals and objectives for your project, the ideal outcome is that you understand each others’ wants, needs, and abilities, in order to conduct the most effective and beneficial research possible!

This sample “Kick-off Agenda” was created for client based projects, but can most certainly be adapted for use in project management- or anything else your little heart desires.