Combining In-Person & Remote Research on UX Mag

by Nate Bolt. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

The fine folks at UX Magazine have posted this article  on combining in-person methods with remote research methods by Sabine Idler of our friends at Usabilla. Hello there our favorite topic! The summary of the article is that you get benefits to each method by combining, but I’d argue that the real benefits come from combining moderated and automated methods, not necessarily in-person and remote, although that is great as well. It’s funny how often I talk to people about combining methods, but it’s kind of like saying you should definitely eat protein AND vegetables when you decide to eat. Sure, sounds great, but for lots of complicated reasons it’s hard to execute for every study. Not to go all negative nancy on the point of the article – quite to the contrary it’s great to see the combination theme come up.