by Nate Bolt. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

There is some kind of huge development craze going on in the remote / online usability tools market. My guess is that usertesting.com has inspired some of this, along with the perceived market for interface research. Here are the new tools that have launched within the last month or two. If we are missing any drop a line!:

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  • Userlytics. Another recording tool that records users’ facial expressions and audio comments as well as logging their webcam video (!) and screen movements on the website, according to a text script that you give participants. Then you watch flash videos of their experience and read summaries. Free trial, $299 per 5 testers and $47 for each additional tester.

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  • Trymyui. Very similar to usertesting.com and userlytics  – they find users for you, rate them, and make sure they are good at recording their own thoughts while they user your site or prototype.  Free trial and then $25 per user.

  • IntuitionHQ. Very similar to Usabilla, you can create tasks and record where people click on a static images. The difference is that IntuitionHQ automatically creates static images of your live site, hence making it seem like people are interacting with a live site. They are not. But that’s cool, we actually really like these kind of tools for creating cool heatmaps of where people click on static images. $9 per test with unlimited users.

  • Plainframe. This is the first UX tool I’ve heard of that let’s you create an interactive IA and site structure for users to interact with and track their behavior. You quickly put your navigation structure into a clickable “white site.”1 They record the interactions as data for analysis, and let you play them back so you can see how the user interacts with the site dynamically. In Closed Beta as of May, 2010.
  • Hi there,

    I’m part of the team from IntuitionHQ.com – just wanted to say thanks for sharing our service, and if you or any of your users ever have any questions for us about it, please feel free to ask! You can contact us through our site (of course) or find us on twitter @intuitionhq – we love to help and talk with all interested parties!

    Oh, and I loved your recent article on A List Apart as well. Great work.

  • turtledezine

    hey thanks a ton for this info, was of great use. have already started using intuition hq… super cool. keep writing and keep us notified 🙂 thanks

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  • Janet Hendrickson-Daly

    Hello and thank you for introducing Userlytics.com and our remote usability testing tool that helps companies improve the development process for: web applications, prototypes, and more. If anyone out there has any questions or would like to conduct a free sample test, please visit our website or contact us.

  • Yannis75

    Let me introduce a similar service we published last week: http://www.userfeel.com. Main differentiating factor is that our panel or users is multilingual, so you can use it to test Non-English sites as well.