A Practical Guide: How to Interview and Observe Customers Remotely

by Lindsey M.. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Attempting to gather customer feedback remotely can be scary (Halloween is over, I know). Thankfully, there are many tools out there that make remote user experience research simple and less intimidating to both the company looking for feedback and the customers giving the feedback. These tools can be found on the Tools section of RemoteResear.ch.

Today we are happy to share Sarah Rink’s slideshare she presented at a startup meetup in Barcelona recently. It’s a step-by-step guide to conducting remote UX research. Sarah begins by identifying  three major components to the preparation stage: who, what, and how. She then explains what to look for in each of these categories, while emphasizing the importance of testing the process out before having a real customer run through the interview or survey. And offers a detailed email template to go by, to boot.

This slideshare would be specifically beneficial to those who are looking for a basic framework in conducting remote UX studies. I’d definitely recommend this guide to anyone who has a small business, is new to having an online platform, and wants to know more about customer feedback. Let’s be honest- UX agencies can be pricey. For small companies that may not have a large online customer base, remote UX research may be seen as an exorbitant use of their budget. However, gaining customer feedback about how a site is perceived and/or how effective it is for current and prospective customers, can make an immense difference in a company’s growth.

There are many, many, MANY inexpensive and easy to use remote UX tools out there that allow anyone to test the usability and user experience of their site. The purpose of the testing can range from getting feedback for an upcoming redesign, to wanting to know if a site is effective in conveying its company’s mission in the first few clicks. That being said- this slideshare is a lovely addition to these  easily accessible remote UX tools. If you know anyone in need of a practical guide for remote customer observation, feel free to pass this along!


Lindsey M.


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