22 Cheap or Free Web Usability Tools

by Ethnio. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Over at MarketingProfs’ 22 Cheap or Free Web Usability Tools series, our recruiting tool Ethnio gets a shout-out. Here are the pros and cons they mention:

Pros: Enables usability researchers to acquire actual users from the website for testing.

Cons: Researchers must be available when a participant response is received, and the tool is for recruiting participants only. A separate screen-sharing service is required, as is the usability testing researcher (with test protocols) to conduct the test.

Actually, both of those cons aren’t strictly true: while we encourage live recruiting to talk to your users right after recruiting them, you don’t necessarily have to; you can always just leave the recruiting screener on, contact your users at any time, and even schedule an in-person test at another time. Anyway, check out the article!